Keyword advice for freelance web designer living abroad?

by @deepeshvasadia (110), 1 week ago

As I learn more about SEO and targeting keywords, I get the impression that as a freelance web designer, one of the strategies I should aim for is to rank for local keyword phrases. The issue is that I have is that I'm an English speaker living in France for the foreseeable future, and don't really have the language capabilities to run my business in French.

And so then I think about niching down and creating content, but maybe I'm thinking wrongly how to do this. I tend to call my audience "educators" thinking that I like to work with small businesses (instructors/coaches) focused on education, health, well-being and then I work with a handful of private schools to build their sites or side projects. Any advice on how I should try to think of niching down to something that is more specific and that I can actually have a good chance to creating some nice SEO campaigns/long-term actions?

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