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by @hema (124), 10 months ago

Hello, My company currently does not have a Google My Business (GMB) account. When I search for my company's name, I noticed that someone else's GMB profile appears, specifically the profile of the person who used to work for my company. I inquired whether they had made any changes to their GMB account related to my company's name or URL, and they replied that they had not. I'm puzzled as to why their profile is showing up in the search results.

To address this issue, can I request the individual to delete their GMB profile? Additionally, if I create a GMB account for my business, will this resolve the problem?

Please tell me what to do.

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by @binayjha (4699), 10 months ago

Yes, you can ask to delete that profile and you can create your own fresh profile to resolve the issue.

by @hema (124), 10 months ago

The issue has been resolved thank you for clearing my doubt.

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