isolating URL's in a multisite.

by @yd5 (129), 2 years ago

Hey everyone! I have a question about isolating URL's in a multisite. Let's say my main site is on Hebrew language, the domain name would be www.example.com now, I also have the same website but on English version, so let's say the domain would be www.example.com/home/ now I have two question regarding to this case.

  1. Does it matter if it's /home/ or /en/?
  2. Now on the English site, each page should be under /home/? for example "about" page should be www.example.com/home/about/? or it's fine if it'd be just www.example.com/about/?
  3. Thank you, and I hope that I've explained myself correctly.

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by @kelly21 (12), 2 years ago


by @yd5 (129), 2 years ago

Lol, it's a question not an informational piece

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