Is it a good thing that I take this domain name in my niche?

by @mcd92 (112), 3 years ago


I would like to buy a domain in my niche that easily ranks on the words this one but whose power comes mainly from the fact that it has been there for a long time and well indexed (not necessarily very good backlinks).

I would like to know if by buying this domain and renaming it for my brand name by doing 301 redirects etc, I will keep the power that the domain has acquired mainly because it has been there for a long time in the niche?

Thanks for your time.

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by @jaap (1667), 3 years ago

When you've found a correct domain name, check if it's indexed by Google by doing a Google search for “”. You can also search for “” to see how often Google encounters this domain name on other websites. Check if the domain name has a “spam” score. You can check this with the free tool The higher the spam score, the greater the chance of inbound links from spam websites. Check in Google if there has been negative publicity around the brand.

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