Indexing Related Issue?

by @harysingh (154), 3 weeks ago

I am running a ecommerce website and there is sign-in page like this (amazon.in/-/hi/ap/signin?). So, I am confusing can i index this page or not? Is it good for SEO when i index this page or is it good for SEO when i de-index this page?

Tell me the Answer with proper reasons.

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by @binayjha (4684), 3 weeks ago

If the page is already on the website then there is no harm in indexing. Even you can optimize the page with title-meta etc. to improve the keyword density on the domain.

by @Zinavopvtltd (190), 2 weeks ago

Ensure proper indexing by submitting sitemaps to search engines, optimizing robots.txt files, using canonical tags, resolving crawl errors, and creating quality content for search engine visibility and ranking.

by @sketchweb (115), 1 week ago

Have you ever searched for a signin page for a website on Google. I think the answer is yes. And why do you search for the signin page on Google? Because, you know the exact page you want to open. Now, how do you search for the signin page? Through branded keywords right? So, Indexing signin page on search engine improves your visitors UX, hence it will benefit SEO as well. Make sure to optimize it for branded keywords.

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