I'm Robert Garcia! Newbies here

by @robgarimblog (143), 8 months ago

Hello! I am new here and I am glad to be part of here, I like Internet Marketing, Web Development, and Web Design. I love Blogging about SEO and Internet Marketing Google Updates. Looking forward to exchange ideas. Thanks

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by @shim (189), 8 months ago

What is going on? Seems like SPAM - several introductions lately.

Maybe you should check closely @ms and eventually ban these accounts.

by @ms (1056), 8 months ago

Thank you for the heads up. You're right, IP addresses of those last four introuduction posts do match (although not precisely, they are from same class C network) so definitely something worth reporting. I'll keep closer eye on it.

by @ms (1056), 8 months ago

Weird thing about all those recent accounts is, that they didn't post a signle link, not even in their BIO. What's the purpose then?

by @seocliniq (3), 7 months ago

Welcome Robert, I am looking forward with your share or ideas about seo

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