I want sites to do guest post.

by @seomaker (128), 3 months ago

Hello to you. I would like to have sites where I can make guest post. I am a junior SEO consultant and this is my first experience in guest post. Please make me a good recommendation (free or paid site)

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by @binayjha (2549), 3 months ago

You need to google for it and make your list on your own. Another way is to follow your competitor's backlinks.

by @seomaker (128), 3 months ago

@binayjha I have an Ahref and SEMrush account. The problem is that after analyzing the backlinks competitors, I do not really know which sites the backlinks were put on naturally or by negotiation. Do you have a tip to recommend me ?

by @ms (3182), 3 months ago

@seomaker Sometimes it's not possible to recognize paid/natural links. It's a two step process.

  1. Try getting the link the natural way
  2. If 1. fails, you can still approach owner and try to buy
by @seomaker (128), 3 months ago

Thank you, @ms(2940) for your response. So it's a real task. Contact a hundred webmasters to make negotiations. I would also like to know another thing. Regarding link payments, is it possible to be swindled? In other words, pay for a link, which will not be finally placed by the webmaster.

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