I compressed the images CSS with WP-Optimize it is ok deactivate the plugin to speed up?

by @Sam_8380 (119), 2 months ago

I Optimized Html & CSS code and images sizes in wordpress with the help of WP-Optimize plugin so because of the plugin is active the http request is taking lot of time. my question is if i deactived this wp-optimize plugin it will change the effect on the performance of the website

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by @binayjha (2544), 2 months ago

If a plugin loads when a webpage load then only the load-time speed will be effected. For example, Form 7 plugin loads with the load of contact form load in a webpage. In your case, plugin is not loading with the webpage. So, there won't be any impact on speed of the webpage loading whether that plugin gets activated or not.

Though a WordPress developer might have a better idea to speed up the website.

by @RodneyUK (158), 1 month ago

Plugins that optimise your CSS and Javascript do not usually make changes directly to the file. Instead they minify and combine into a separate plugin specific file. So if you disable the WP-optimise plugin, your changes will be reversed and the optimisation will no longer be present.

Your image optimisation might not be affected, depends on your settings whether they have overwritten the original image or not.

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