How to remove spam links? I tried disavowing links. Is there any other option to delink?

by @menonsarath (193), 6 months ago

I am facing issues with my company keyword. Which it shows the negative links in the first page of the google search. Please help me find out the solution. Thank you.

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by @binayjha (2459), 6 months ago

There is no need to worry for bad backlinks anymore. Google has started to ignore the bad links while considering ranking.
by @Gamerseo (1070), 6 months ago

100% right. If you don't have a large number of such links, don't worry about such links.

by @oliviathemarketer (239), 6 months ago

How many bad links do you have? If it's not a big number, I would say focus on building high-quality links through guest-posting, as Google is now ignoring bad links. If you are facing difficulty in getting quality links, you can always take the help of some tools like Postifluence to find high-authority sites for guest posting organically.


Google updated some algorithms that you don't need to worry about. Try to focus on increasing quality backlinks to grow your site.

by @ms (3167), 5 months ago

Not sure what "it shows the negative links in the first page of the google search" does mean.

Can you get little bit more specific about your issue?

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