How to reduce Website Spam score?

by @bkcmexpertise (143), 6 months ago

How to reduce Website Spam score

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by @binayjha (2549), 6 months ago

Reduce the bad backlinks to the website is the way to reduce the spam score. Easier way is, disavow the list of bad links using following link.


Nowadays, the algorithm has been updated and Google ignores bad links while allocating a rank in the SERP. So, no need to worry for the spam score for ranking.

by @etdigitalmarketing (180), 6 months ago

The first reason for any site’s rise in this spam score is due to spammy links and if your site has less-quality backlinks, then there is a chance of a high spam score on your site. Hence you should always avoid using low-quality backlinks and broken links on the website. Many website users make more links in a single day, which leads to maximum spam rates of your website. In order to reduce the spam score of the website, then you should have to find out the spammy and low-quality links that are connected to your website and should be removed by making a list of such links.

by @mansirana (105), 5 months ago

To state it broadly, the major reason for increase in a website's spam score is creating backlinks in spammy or irrelevant sites. These sites violate the Google guidelines, so if you continue creating backlinks on them, you may action from Google too. If you dig deeper, you'll know that Moz has 27 signals or attributes which it checks before assigning spam score to a website. Some of the major attributes are:

  1. Domain name length
  2. Domain name contains numerals
  3. Google Tag Manager is not present
  4. TLD connected with spammy sites
by @bkcmexpertise (143), 5 months ago

thank you for your response....

by @nadewrvcet (-35), 5 months ago

Put your site url in moz tool and analyze the links and then check their spam score. After it, download the list and disavow the spammy links through search console.

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