How to put image backlinks?

by @despoinax (124), 6 months ago

Hello,i am new at seo and i would like to ask a question about backlinks. I have seen many times backlinks at my competitors that there is a page .html which links to an image like this for example: this siteμεταφορα-κουζινασ-σε-αλλο-δωματιο-k.html is linking to this site Ανακαίνιση κουζίνας - Τιμές και εργασίες της ανακαίνισης κουζίνασ IMAGE

Could someone tell how to create these backlinks ?

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by @binayjha (3810), 6 months ago

I checked the source of the page to see the image file link you mentioned. It is not there.


Usually, when another domain's absolute URL is used on the page like as an image or so then that is regarded as external links on the page. Actually, it might not be a backlink. The webpage you have shown has hidden links. Might be by contacting the site owner you also can have such a link. Though, it is regarded as a Mal-practice. You can find many genuine resources to get backlinks.

by @despoinax (124), 6 months ago

thank you about your answer!

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