How to improve the ranking of a top page back to No1?

by @lucy (128), 2 months ago

Hi there. I have a coupon site with 100k+ traffic monthly. One of the top pages ranked down from No1 to No9 last month, which caused the overall traffic drop of my site. After I analyzed the No1 ranked page with the same main keyword, I optimized the content by adding the latest coupon information and unique content and inserting the main keyword properly to keep the keyword density. However, the ranking only increased to No7. Is there anything else I can do to help improve the ranking? Thank you in advance for your suggestions.

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by @binayjha (2050), 2 months ago

Ensure an internal page link from the key phrase as anchor text. Also, win 1 backlink for the key phrase with brand name included. Moreover, you can optimize the alt attribute of the images on the page with the key phrase or parts of it included.

by @ms (3053), 2 months ago

Do you see any difference in visitors behaviour? Like lower avg time on page, higher bounce rate, ...

If for some reason large number of visitors bounce (pogo sticking in this case), it's good enough reason for Google to re-evaluate your page and move it (down).


To rank in the top 1 again you can do some things. Start to keep an eye on your competitors and how they make a difference and what methods they follow. Create as many high-quality backlinks as you can. And keep following the strategy you made to rank on SERPs.

by @Gamerseo (975), 2 months ago

You have to effectively improve all aspects of the website. After all, you will have to wait for the effects.

Serp Solace
by @Serp Solace (110), 2 months ago

Are you internally linking correctly? no1 competitor probably has hidden back links.

by @andrew596 (105), 1 month ago

For ranking the page we need SEO. Better and best SEO services make your website on top ranking. You have to link your site to another top website. Backlinking is very important for ranking the website.

by @receivesmsonine (115), 1 month ago

You can try to make more backlinks.I think.

by @digiupdates (130), 2 weeks ago

You should examine the pages' loading times because they may have an impact on their ranking and bounce rate.

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