How to get more traffic from organic search?

by @Rathics (137), 5 years ago

How to get more traffic from organic search?

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by @ms (3950), 5 years ago

There are two dimensions your page can grow in organic search.

  1. more content
  2. higher ranking positions

Generally speaking, create more content & work on your rankings by improving your existing content.

The more keywords/phrases you are ranking for, the more potential traffic to your website.

by @ayanrdd (105), 5 years ago

Perform these things :

On- Page Techniques : 1.Add Meta Tags (Meta Title and Meta Description) 2.Add Heading Tags (h1 is very important)

  1. Url Structure (go with Short url and Add keyword in url if possible) 4.Give Internal Linking 5.Keyword Density 6.Pagespeed.

Off - Page techniques :

  1. Guest Posting.
  2. Blog Commenting.
  3. Social Bookmarking.
  4. Forum Submissions
  5. Profile Backlinks etc..
by @digitalmarketingboy (-155), 4 years ago

Implement SEO Strategy and drive more organic traffic.

by @punjabdentistry (-30), 4 years ago

If you want to get more traffic. follow Seo off-page activity

Content posting Blog submission Classified submission PPT sharing Forum profile creation Question answering Yahoo answering Images sharing Video sharing

by @searchonic_mit (130), 1 year ago

Hi @Rathics,

Following are the techniques to get more organic traffic

  1. Use long-tail keywords.
  2. Consider influencer marketing.
  3. Leverage on-page SEO.
  4. Find and remove non-performing content.
  5. Become a guest blogger.

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by @binayjha (4914), 1 year ago

Yes @ms, making site content rich always attract more traffic on the website.

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