How to enable tabs for my Business in Google search result?

by @riot_street (126), 1 year ago

Hi I was searching on google to see what my competitors are doing with their websites and I noticed that Google search results are showing the different Tabs information. I was wondering what I need to do on my website so Google search results would show the tab. I used HTML/CSS to build my website Thanks! Screen-Shot-2022-11-03-at-3-21-13-PM

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by @binayjha (4117), 1 year ago

This link might help you,

Please note: The image link provided is not showing the desired image.

by @riot_street (126), 1 year ago

Helpful, thanks!

by @mit_midastouch (200), 1 year ago

These sub-tabs are technically know as sitelinks.

You need to create and upload sitemap.xml schema/rich snippet on your website.

Sitelinks are auto generated by Google and are a function of page authority (the domain authority of the URL / page that has the associated sitelinks).

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