How to delete URL parameters added in search console?

by @simna (118), 1 week ago

Hi, I added a few URL parameters in search console (legacy reports and tools) and it looks like it had a negative impact on search rankings. Hence, I wanted to delete it from search console, some of them I was able to delete while others don't have that option. If there is a way to remove them pls let me know.

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Better House Buyers

Even i'm trying to find how to delete the url parameters. Can anyone help me out with it?

by @KimberlyPayne (110), 4 days ago

Similarly. I haven't deleted it yet, but on the contrary, I added it. I would like to know how to remove it completely.

by @KimberlyPayne (110), 4 days ago

I tried to searching google , but nothing can't find! :c

Quick Fix Real Estate LLC

Likewise. I haven't erased it yet, however unexpectedly, I added it. I might want to realize how to eliminate it totally.

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