How to deal with internal duplicate contents?

by @dnchcw (315), 7 months ago


I have a post. I use siteliner to check internal duplicate contents and find for this post, all the duplicate contents are the common items:

  1. Top menu items.
  2. Left panel items.

as below:

enter image description here

While the main body does not contain duplicates.

In such a case, how to deal with the duplicate contents in this post?

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by @purpal (126), 7 months ago

Top menu remains the same for all pages in all websites. It doesn't change at all. Side panel content or links are also mostly same in pages.

As per me, these do not contribute towards duplicate content.

The actual content body, what you write and explain is what needs to be considered as original, unique or duplicate.

by @binayjha (4449), 7 months ago

The page will not be regarded as duplicate as unique content is also there. Just try to maximize the unique content part to overshadow the duplicate part.

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