How to curb with the effect of Google Ranking August Algorithm?

by @skylingdigital (38), 3 years ago

My few client's website facing little drop down in SERPS ranking. I want to up the ranking as the festive season is around the corner and also looking for more traffic, transactions and revenue. Please recommend some SEO tricks which help me to curb with this menace. Even for technical websites I wrote latest and trendy topics so that the ranking will get high and I can drain more traffic towards the websites. What are other SEO hacks including link building strategies?

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by @kingsizexx (115), 3 years ago

Hey mister @skylingdigital Which one specifically do you need? Which product in details? Thanks in advance !

by @kingsizexx (115), 3 years ago

If it is a site advertisement then it may be easy to do

by @kingsizexx (115), 3 years ago

Seo often works with site advertisements very specificly.

by @lucasspringer78 (105), 3 years ago

Hey kingsizexx you have the right idea, considering which product OP wants to be advertised, we can give the right call. If it is a site, then of course there is no way to go without seeking some answers from SEO guys. You got to know the minimal user requirements to fit the terms of TOP search engines like GOOGLE and ALEXA, also should optimize the weight of site in order for client to not struggle with opening your site lol. A friend of mine that works in SEO at WebsiteStrategies company has told me that they got monthly ton of clients but just few of them know the right ideas about SEO.

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