How to create Backlinks

by @Victor (124), 1 month ago

Share the backlink techniques

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by @Gamerseo (655), 1 month ago

Look for YouTube videos or some SEO blog. These are the absolute basics.

by @binayjha (788), 1 month ago

You can follow this thread,, for a better understanding.

by @searchonic_mit (140), 1 month ago

Hi, Following are the backlink creation ways

  • broken-link building method
  • Backlinks through infographics
  • Guest Blogging and Article submission
  • Target and create competitors backlink
  • Promote your content

Connect with me to know more

by @yesassistant (121), 1 month ago

I think the NORMAL backlink is no longer work able, Without authority.

by @jackdavezee (105), 1 month ago

Creating high-quality backlinks is very important as it can help a website to increase its ranking and hence visibility on the SERP. I myself have been taking backlink building service from Geek Informatic & Technologies Private Limited from the last 2 years. Some of the link-building activities which they do are Guest Posting, business listing, competitor backlink replication, and more.

by @Ann87 (115), 1 month ago

Try searching info about outreach and guest posting. There are lots of services on the web that allow you search for contacts of relevant bloggers.


Creating backlinks is a very crucial task, they should be be natural and relevant. It is not an easy task and not something you can do within a day or two. It requires time and patience both, and expertise as well. If you don't have either of the things I would recommend you to get professional SEO services from an SEO agency.

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