How many variant articles of a product can I create?

by @affiliatemil (137), 1 year ago

Hey! I got an affiliate site in the outdoor niche. I'm now publishing content about Tents. Until now I have published about:

  • Best tents for 1 person
  • Best tents for 2 persons
  • Best tents for 4 persons
  • Best tents for 6 persons / Family tents

They all rank well on the first page (My site is not english). I have found more types of tents like:

  • Best tunnel tents
  • Best dome tents
  • Best tent for camping
  • Best tent for hiking

All these article will have and has different types of products, so I'm not writing twice about the same tent. My question is, can I write all these articles about tents? Or should it be enough with what I have? I dont want to get hit with duplicate / similar content...


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by @jaap (1667), 1 year ago

As long as the content is unique and focusing on a particular subject you can write an article. Perhaps a category page (how to choose the best tent for your needs) with all these pages will help your visitors to find the needed information fast. Keep the user intent in mind.

by @maxseovn (125), 1 year ago

You can definitely write about tents, but you should make sure that the two articles do not have duplicate search intent. To limit this, you can search for keywords and check the SERP to see if it returns the same result for different keywords. If there is duplication in SERP, you should not write two separate articles. If there is no duplication, congratulations! You can write two separate articles.

by @affiliatemil (137), 1 year ago

Thank you guys. Great answers. The search intent is different with different articles ranking. So I will continue writing.

by @NoNameBrand (155), 1 year ago

In general, the number of variant articles you can create is theoretically limitless. Variants can be created by modifying different aspects of a product, such as size, color, shape, features, packaging, or any other relevant characteristic.

by @hamza.zahid (110), 1 year ago

The number of variant articles you can create for a product depends on various factors, including the nature of the product, its attributes, and the platform or system you are using to manage your product catalog. Here are a few considerations:

Product Attributes: The number of variant articles you can create often depends on the specific attributes of your product. For example, if you are selling clothing, you may have variants based on size, color, style, and material. Each combination of these attributes can be considered a variant article.

Product Management System: The capabilities of your product management system or e-commerce platform play a role in determining the number of variant articles you can create. Some systems have limitations on the number of attribute combinations or the total number of products you can manage.

Practicality and Scalability: While there may not be a specific limit on the number of variant articles you can create, it's important to consider the practicality and scalability of managing a large number of variants. Having too many variants can make it challenging to maintain and update your product catalog effectively.

User Experience: Creating too many variants can also impact the user experience. Customers may find it overwhelming if there are too many options to choose from, leading to decision paralysis or confusion. It's important to strike a balance between offering sufficient choice and keeping the shopping experience user-friendly.

In general, most e-commerce platforms or systems allow you to create a significant number of variant articles, often in the thousands or more. However, it's essential to evaluate the specific capabilities of your chosen platform and consider the practicality and user experience implications before creating a large number of variants for a single product.

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