How Long It Takes to Rank a Blog with Long Tail Keywords.

by @indiagrowth (156), 1 year ago

How Long It Takes to Rank a Blog with Long Tail Keywords, Any Fastest Way To Rank?? Any Suggestions Please.

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by @Gamerseo (1330), 1 year ago

It all depends on the industry. It is impossible to say precisely when the results will be noticed.

by @psychicrajsharma (-64), 1 year ago

However, it can take a normal of three to a half year for a post to rank on Google.

by @jaap (1667), 1 year ago

Content is king, keep publishing high quality content frequently. Results depends on your niche, competition, backlinks, authority, internal links, technical SEO, and some 200 other factors. Success!

by @acstechnologies (19), 1 year ago

It depends on the blog content and the keywords difficulty which you choose. Do Good SEO on Your Website and Create High-Quality Backlinks


Long-tail keywords are less competitive than short-tail keywords, making them rank faster. However, blogs having long-tail keywords may take months to rank as search engines consider various factors before ranking these keywords, like, keyword competitiveness, the quality of your content, and the website's overall SEO health. Use the following points to rank your blog with long-tail keywords faster. On-page SEO best practices. Conducting thorough keyword research. Creating high-quality content. Building high-quality backlinks Promoting your content.

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