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I had a small question. I am a digital marketer and have a small query related to the same. I have a website and working consistently on it. I believe my SEO, on page and off page strategy is effective and strong compared to my competitor. I have more backlinks than my competitors. But still my competitor has a better ranking than me. Please share your thoughts and suggestions on it. How to rank my website. Your thoughts and ideas will help. Thank you in advance.

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by @jaap (1667), 2 years ago

Perhaps thin content?

by @DavidCostello (105), 2 years ago

The best way to rank your website is to do on-page SEO, concentrate on-site load time and speed, then do off-page SEO, the best method is to make some good backlinks from different sources. Write good articles related to your niche on your blog, which can attract traffic.

by @user78833629 (120), 2 years ago

make sure to choose keywords all on page one to increase trust in your website

by @marksmith.230 (125), 2 years ago

First set it's on the page then make a strategy to working on off-page according to the theme of the website.

by @elisa12N5 (105), 2 years ago

i believe that one of the most efficient ways to get a better ranking at google is to create relevant, high quality content. Maybe you should focus more on content marketing to beat your competitor in the future!!

by @letsaskme (105), 2 years ago

To rank higher i would like to suggest you work on blogging and focus on quality content for blogginggo with letsaskme. Ranking depends on these factors

  1. Website da
  2. Website traffic.
  3. Quality backlinks
  4. Organic traffic.
  5. Content or website speed.

Hello all,

thanks for all the suggestions. mostly I really like the solution which I get from these two user (@DavidCostello @elisa12N5 ).

And I just agree with only one that is @letsaskme.

Still, I like to add on a few queries as follows

  • What about Domain Age?
  • What if I have few software categories and gaining a quality amount of organic traffic. But I didn't work on website organic traffic, so should I start to grow or keep it as it is..?
  • Load more or Paginations? Which one is good?

Waiting for a positive response as you gave earlier.

Thanks & Regards


by @Diana (5), 2 years ago

Use SERP and keyword tools to find less competitive words to work on .

by @binayjha (5094), 1 year ago

In this scenario, quality content can win the race.

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