How does NYT get away from cloaking?

by @max_hky (112), 2 months ago

I noticed that NYT allows Google to crawl their new articles without login but if I access their news directly, it is asking for login.

On this result page, the first result is which I can see all the content if I click it from the result page. But if I access it directly from my browser, I can't.

I am wondering if this behavior is considered as cloaking? Please enlighten me if anyone knows why it isn't.

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by @binayjha (2080), 2 months ago

Google bots use US IPs and the above article is visible in US without any login. For other users they have capped it. I checked it using a web proxy for a New York's IP and I am able to see the article without any login.

This is not cloaking.

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