How can I optimize my On-page

by @genasanford (95), 4 months ago

I have done everything for my website Accounting and Bookkeeping Services but unable to achieve rank even in top 100, any suggestions??

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by @sujoydlegion (105), 4 months ago

Get good ranking depends on many factors. As you mentioned you have done with everything, so I assume you did the basic things, like - Keyword Research & Targeting, Optimize website as per the local search result (crucial, because Google search engine results change based on the location), solid website content & link building (though it is off-page).

Apart from that, there are many factors that are responsible for page ranking. Based on the common mistakes and our experience I'm giving you some suggestions.

  • Check if you have duplicate content in your website,
  • Mobile (Priority: HIGH) & Website optimization (I did check your site score only 6 in mobile & 39 in desktop on google page insight),
  • Probably you get Crawl Error on Google,
  • Might be there are too many redirections,
  • Might be you don't have sufficient and consistent content on social media (off-page),
  • Last but not least - you might miss GMB.

Please check the above-mentioned points once again and still if you would have the difficulties then come to me. I lead an excellent & highly efficient team, and we do white hat SEO best practices.

by @SEOrank (55), 4 months ago

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by @mdshakilhossain (60), 4 months ago

Good Article Thanks for Sharing. keep up the good work!!!

by @mariann (110), 4 months ago

Hi Gena,

If your site isn't ranked on the first 10 pages of google, you may use too competitive keywords, so your keyword strategy should be reviewed first.

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