How can I improve the load time of our custom website?

by @johnsmith (114), 2 months ago

To rank better on google, we are looking for ideas to help us improve the load time of our custom website. Does anyone here have any idea on how this could be done?

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by @mahesh (189), 2 months ago

If you want to improve your website speed you need to have compressed all CSS Files along with Images. Always upload compressed images on your website. Later one install compress plugins.

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by (181), 2 months ago

In order to reduce the load time of your website try the following:

  1. Check the Current Speed of the Website
  2. Optimize Your Images
  3. Don’t Scale Down Images
  4. Compress and Optimize Your Content
  5. Put Stylesheet References at the Top
  6. Put Script References at the Bottom
  7. Place JavaScript and CSS in External Files
  8. Minimize HTTP Requests
  9. Cache Your Web Pages
  10. Reduce 301 Redirects

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