How badly will this damage me in SERP's? 1650: 301 redirects.

by @lostinseo (112), 7 months ago

My employer is planning a new site and they don't want the developers to make edits to the site anymore. So they are builing a new site in wordpress (moving from aspx?) they plan to use 301 redirects to migrate the entire site 1650 pages. I was under the impression more than 30x redirects is bad for SEO. The developers tell me "a small dip for two months" is what they would expect from the change. Can anyone explain to me if I'm worried about nothing or if it will be really bad for the site any examples of this happening before. If it is a big issue I need to bring a strong argument to my employers.

Many Thanks!

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by @ms (2482), 7 months ago

New site = new domain?

As long as you redirect correctly and use 301, Google specifically should be fine with that. I'd expect small dip, but nothing terrible if done right.

In their Search Console Help, Google has article about Change of Address Tool, which is basically guide on how to properly move your site from one domain to another. I'd recommend checking it out.

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