Handling .com and .net extensions

by @deepaks (119), 4 months ago

Hello everyone

We have a website and online portal application hosted under .com and .net domain extensions respectively. How to take advantage of web traffic coming to our .net site (online portal application) from the SEO perspective.

Thanks in advance. Deepak

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by @ms (1946), 4 months ago

So you have a website on your .com domain and then you have .net domain, that has traffic? 301 (permanent) redirect is what I'd do in such case. It will drive traffic to your .com, but also let the juice flow from the .net, so in case it has good backlink profile, your website (.com) will benefit from it.

by @deepaks (119), 4 months ago

Thanks @ms!

I should have posted the question better. To clarify,

.com has only the static website .net has web portal application only

We have good traffic coming in our .net domain. We would like to take advantage of the traffic coming in our .net domain from SEO perspective.

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