Google will remove your Business Listing if you ask them to

by @ms (2286), 2 months ago

I found this quite interesting, because they own the data and most of the time the content they show for your company related queries is publicly available anyway. So, even though they won't remove fake reviews if you report those, you can still ask for compete removal of your business.

I know you can remove your business in your Google Business account, but that won't remove the snippet, reviews, etc. It will just remove the link between your account and the listing. If you did that, you will have to reclaim your business and receive the verification code again if you want to manage the listing in the future.

However, they will remove your company listing if you ask them. I found this very useful, and it has helped multiple companies to stay alive after endless attacks from anonymous "reviewers".

Just a quick tip. Hope you won't need it.

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by @ShreeVaghani (41), 1 month ago

Useful Info.

by @marksmith.230 (125), 1 month ago

I did not hear about it...Will shortly confirm but thank you it is true.

by @ms (2286), 1 month ago

I am pretty sure this is something, they wouldn't want to spread out loud and clear. However, I asked to remove the company from their snippet and they did. Which is often times the best thing you can do, specially when you're being bullied with competition. Remove and move on to your core business. This is not for everyone and every business though.

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