Google Update? Significant traffic drop on two of our sites

by @shim (196), 4 years ago

One site is health related magazine, the other one is kinda product review aggregator. Used to be at steady traffic levels. About 700-800 visitors on health magazine, but for last 3-4 days, we are down to just about 50-60% of that.

Do you see something similar in your stats? Any confirmation by google? I found SERoundtable flash news about it, but doesn't look like a critical update. At least google says it's just a regular update they do on daily/weekly basis.

Other sites stay about the same traffic wise.

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by @ms (3855), 4 years ago

Nothing unusual in my stats. Seoforum went slightly up, otherwise same as always.

by @dex (137), 4 years ago

got some movement here and there, but if I didn't read this topic, I'd think it's all normal or almost normal but who knows anyway. do we know what exactly was this update all about?

by @ms (3855), 4 years ago

One of our client has confirmed SE traffic decline, due to affected ranking positions. No confirmation of that having something to do with the update in question though. Just saying.

I'll check our rather big dataset of SERPs we are collecting on daily basis, once today's processing is over.

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