Google Search shows several Spammy Non-Existant Internal Page Links

by @Litron (112), 4 months ago

Hi, I recreated a website for a company that formerly had thousands of spammy Google Search Links that didn't exist. I don't know if they were active at one time, but there still seems to be several of these links in Google Search.

Real Website Links look like:

Spammy Links look like:

These directories don't exist on the new site, so result in a 403 Page Error... I want to clean up all these links with .htaccess forwarding if possible - but I would be forwarding spam directories to the Home Page and I am concerned that these links may bring unwanted bad link juice to the Home Page of the site... Or would disavow be a better solution - I know this works for external websites linking, but what about bad internal links? I tried searching on google, but didn't really find a good solution - or perhaps I'm uncertain of the keywords to find the solution for this issue. Any help is appreciated.

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by @binayjha (2588), 4 months ago

Giving error of 403 means forbidden. The files or folders exist but server administrator has not given an access to them.

Hope these unwanted URLs are not included in the sitemap. Submit these URLs manually one-by-one for indexing, using the Search Console. Then, remove those URLs manually from Google's cache, use the Search Console.

You will get the solution.

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