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by @Olly (112), 7 months ago

For google search location results (found at the top of page) does it make a difference whether you show your address.

Example" There are many injury lawyers in Toronto. All show their business address in their Google Business Profile, while one does not. Will the one who does not show his Toronto business address on his Google Business Profile, fair as well as the others, especially in the top 3 category.

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by @binayjha (2549), 7 months ago

Business pages with address verified will have advantage in comparison to the profiles which have not mentioned or verified the address.

Google will start profiling as per the user-engagement received by the page. If this profile receives repetitively unique visitors from specific location then Google give this profile a priority in localized searches. If this profile gets many unique visitors from a specific location and another profile with a verified address of that location gets almost no visitor or far lesser visitors then the first business profile with many visitors from that location will have a priority in searches.

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