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by @jonduv (285), 1 month ago

Hi there,

I was hoping for some opinions on improving our GBP visibility…

We offer services primarily throughout our city area (Phoenix). Although not as frequent, we also offer services for the entire state (Arizona). Our company is a home-based business located in Phoenix (address not displayed on our GBP).

Our homepage is built around key phrases related to our "Company Name" and "Arizona". It fulfills a variety of “general” needs for current and prospective clients.

Some topics on our homepage include:

• Brief company description (1 paragraph) • Links to our 3 primary services • Blurb/link to secondary-level services • Quote Form • Blurb/Links to further info services for specific upcoming Events (often changes) • Recent Blog articles (changes monthly) • Customer Reviews

We also have a page that lists our primary services and targets "Phoenix" related “service” searches. This page ranks well organically (non-GBP) and also links to primary sub-services. I feel this page would be a great landing page for those searching locally (Phoenix).

For years, we have been struggling to rank decent on GBP for "Phoenix" related searches. I understand a hidden address (which we have) can be a contributing factor to competitiveness, but since the homepage does not primarily target the city we are based in (in this case Phoenix) I wonder if this could be holding us back.

Since our primary service page targets phrases related to our location (Phoenix), my thought was it might help to direct the GBP profile link to this page instead.

Note: We also have other pages explaining benefits for other nearby cities as well. These are only accessible from the main menu nav and not through the primary service page.


I was curious if it would be okay to experiment without risking any chances of getting delisted on GBP. If it didn't perform as well, my thought was to revert back to the home URL.

Any suggestions or input would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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by @binayjha (4914), 1 month ago

There is no need to do such steps. List your business in a few local directories by maintaining same NAP - The name of business, address, and phone number as provided in the GBP. This might benefit you.

by @jonduv (285), 1 month ago

Okay, thanks. I just thought directing to this page instead would be more relative and more service-related. I appreciate the reply.

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