Getting Noindex tag When Enabling Cloudflare

by @muzamilali3299 (121), 4 months ago

Can anyone help me in this?

When I am enabling Cloudflare to prevent the spam bots traffic because we are also running PPC & the budget gets wasted (CPC) if we don't implement Cloudflare due to bad traffic. Now the issue is When I enable Cloudflare & I test my website, 403 error appears & no-index, nofollow tag is implemented by default & Google is unable to crawl our website. I don't know why this is happening? Is this issue occuring from Cloudflare's side OR our web hosting? Can anyone please help me with that.


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by @binayjha (2588), 4 months ago

This link might help you,

Or, contact your developer to fix the issue. It's easy, just need to send a header information.


I think there can be a technical error with the robot txt. You can edit it easily if you have a WordPress website. Install the plugin called File Manager. In file manager go to public HTML and edit robot.txt and allow bot and give (*) special character to tell google to index it quickly. Try it and please tell me if it is helpful or not.

by @muzamilali3299 (121), 4 months ago


Thanks for your valuable suggestion brother,

My Website is Crawled, But the thing is when I enable Cloudflare to prevent spam traffic, It seems like Cloudflare by default implement noindex, nofollow tag from the backend. If i disable Cloudflare everything is perfect!

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