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by @sks123 (114), 2 weeks ago

Hi, i just recently launched my website and started to create external links so in it shows i have 82 external links and in google search console it is only 2 links. Does anyone has the same issue?

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by @manmohansingh (105), 1 week ago

Hi There,
Ahref and Google Search console are two diffrent tools. Google Search Console update the data of backlinks whioch indxed by Search Engine every weeks. But in Ahref it provide the backlinks data of all backlinks which are not indexed by Search Engine too. That is why the Google Search Console show the less number of backlinks.

Also The results of these two tools never matched to each other. If you use Ubbersuggest and Semrush they too differ in the results of Backlinks to each other.

John Phil
by @John Phil (115), 6 days ago

I would suggest you go with the results of the Google search console, because all the other tools like Ahref, Ubersuggest, and SemRush, etc are not that accurate and can show different data based on their own algorithms. But search Console is a product of Google itself and can provide more accurate and reliable results.

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