Explain A/B testing in terms of Google Analytics.

by @Whitevoxcompany (-404), 10 months ago

hello everyone

Well, my question is Explain A/B testing in terms of Google Analytics.

Waiting for your suggestions and answers.

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by @ms (1056), 10 months ago

What exactly do you need to know?

by @JanviArora (125), 9 months ago

A/B Testing is a way of comparing two versions of a web page and see which one is performing better. The version page can varied in title, headline, button or a page with different lay out and design. After creating 2 versions of the page, half of your traffic is shown the original version of the page and half are shown the modified version of the page. As visitors are shown both the versions, their engagement with each experience is measured and collected in Google Analytics dashboard and analyzed. From the data they provide, you can conclude on which page is performing better. You can read the manual on how to do A/B testing in Google Analytics to get better understanding.

by @varun90 (110), 9 months ago

Thanks for information

by @whitevoxindia (-149), 8 months ago

Thank you @JanviArora for the update on my question. Can you review my blog and let me know what should i do to rank it higher. About content am going to put it in from this week regularly on a different topic, rest anything else that can help.

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