E-commerce Website Ranking Drop Reason

by @akseo87 (125), 3 years ago


I have a website:


And this is the SEMrush ranking keywords graph for this website: https://prnt.sc/13fee27

As shown in the above graph, the keywords have been dropping for some time. Want to know the reason behind this drop.

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by @jaap (1667), 3 years ago

There can be many reasons.

  1. competitors
  2. technical
  3. changes on webshop
  4. drop in speed
  5. Google penalty
  6. etc, etc. It can really depend on to many factors to give any reasonable answer with the given information
by @akseo87 (125), 3 years ago

All these things were reviewed, but no such issue was found to be responsible for such a drop. Is there any update from Google for e-commerce websites?

by @jaap (1667), 3 years ago
by @digitalpundit (70), 2 years ago

Ranking drops are often caused by large changes to a website. When you've migrated a bunch of pages, rolled out a (responsive) redesign or reworked a lot of content you'll see big fluctuations in your rankings. This is natural, and should only worry you in ase your rankings don't come back to their previous state.

by @alexmartkovich (120), 2 years ago

It is due to the recent Google product review Algo update.

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