Duplicate Home Page URLs

by @lwells90 (112), 3 years ago


My site has 2 navigable homepages with no rel=canonical or redirect to one another. e.g.

Homepage 1 = https://www.mysite.com
Homepage 2 = https://www.mysite.com/default.aspx

Both pages have exactly the same content.

I've flagged this with our web developers, on the assumption that this must be causing some kind of duplicate content issue, though their answer from their own SEO consultant is that "Search engines are clever enough to work out that they are the same page".

I'm not entirely convinced. Can anyone please confirm either what they are saying is true, or how this can be dubunked?

Many thanks for any help, greatly appreciated.

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by @ms (3786), 3 years ago

You don't need two pages with the same exact content. Specially when talking about homepage. Do the right thing, pick one and stick with that. Better for linking, more practical, and in the end - easier to work with and understand correctly for search engines (it's not just Google).

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