Duplicate Contents in Order Pages of Multiple Products

by @dnchcw (315), 11 months ago


I have a website containing 30 software products. Each product has an order page. The problem is that the layout and content of these 30 order pages are very similar, except for the product name. Siteliner has reports these pages as duplicate contents.

I am thinking of noindex these pages. However, in such a case, if a user search for "xxx order page", where xxx is our product name, then he will not be able to see the order page of our product, which drives the revenue go away.

So, how to deal with such a case?

Thank you.

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by @binayjha (4484), 11 months ago

Add some unique content to those order pages as per the product. Hope it is possible.

by @ms (3791), 11 months ago

Do you need unique per product order page?

It doesn't sound like optimal approach. It's like e-commerce store having order page per product. Why not use just one order page. Select product and continue with the order process. Isn't that possible for any reason?

by @dnchcw (315), 11 months ago

Hi, @binayjha (2841)

Thank you for your reply. It is rather difficult to create unique contents for order page, since the only difference among these order pages are the product name and prices.

by @dnchcw (315), 11 months ago

Hi, @ms (3244),

We have 30 products in total. And one order page(www.datanumen.com/order/) is like what you said, containing all these 30 products and one can click order to proceed with the checkout page.

However, we also create a separate order page for each product, such as www.datanumen.com/outlook-repair-order/, to provide more purchase options, including:

  1. Two resellers so that user can choose from one of them.
  2. Phone order options.
  3. Order via distributors, etc.

The above 1, 2, 3 info are mostly same among all the products, which cause duplicate contents.

by @binayjha (4484), 11 months ago

In that case @dnchcw, You should keep only 1 order page for all the products. This is the best practice across the Internet. There must be someway to achieve this, just figure out and implement.

by @jaap (1662), 11 months ago

I do agree, after looking at your site, with @binayjha. One order page should work best.

Try to make per product a unique landing page with rich content. Well-optimized titles and metadata can avoid duplicate content warnings.

Why not a landing page for PowerPoint Recovery How to recover your Powerpoint presentation?

And for PDF Repair Easy repair all your PDF files

There's enough to write about all the tools you offer.

by @dnchcw (315), 11 months ago

Hi, @jaap (1195) & @binayjha (2863),

Thank you for your suggestions.

Actually I do have unique landing page for each product, for example,

www.datanumen.com/powerpoint-recovery/ www.datanumen.com/pdf-repair/

Meanwhile, I create order page for each product with multiple purchase options and information, for example, for above products, the order pages are:

www.datanumen.com/powerpoint-recovery-order/ www.datanumen.com/pdf-repair-order/

If merge all order links for all products into one page, then I cannot put so many purchase options and information.

by @jaap (1662), 11 months ago

You can't have a page where to order all products and from your landing pages a direct link to order the specific product? Would make it all much more flexible.

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