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by @crichton (119), 2 years ago

Hi All,

The company I work for is releasing a new product (printer) that comes in two configurations (we'll call them 'A' and 'B'). 'A' and 'B's features are identical in every way except 'A' can be configured for faster production or for more colour range than 'B'. So my question is: Do I create an 'Overview' page each for 'A' and for 'B' (talking about speed and colour) then have them both link to one shared 'features' page with a page name and URL that is neither 'A' or 'B'? Or create a page for 'A' that includes its features and then a page for 'B' with the same features on it also, essential duplicating the content but having 'A' and 'B' page names and URLs for each? I hope this makes sense. Thanks.

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by @jaap (1667), 2 years ago

My first thought. 1 landing page for both. And a link to both product pages.

People like to compare things. So make the landing page content ricc with all the details and the differences.. And explain for which applications each printer is the perfect choice

by @crichton (119), 2 years ago

Thanks @jaap, I appreciate your input.

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