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by @SEBYAPAR (130), 1 week ago

Hi everyone I have some kind of very strange issue to solve regards to double meta description If I do scan my website on "Screaming Frog" No double meta description issue. If I do use "Moz" No double meta description issue. If I do use "Ubersuggest" double meta description SEO issues If I use "view page source" it shows double meta description

UberSuggest shows: 6 PAGESWITH DUPLICATE META DESCRIPTIONS Whole 6 pages URL in this pattern. "" ----

So where I will go from here? Is this real errors? Why Screaming frog and others doesn't but Ubersuggest and view page source shows this as SEO Issues?

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by @jaap (155), 3 days ago

If the page source is showing a double meta description, it's there. Find a way to remove one.

by @SEBYAPAR (130), 3 days ago

Thank you for the replay. That's exactly right. Yes should remove it. But how? LOL That's the challenge. I believe this problem comes from Yost and Oxygen builder. Because they both have they own Meta tag and description.

by @jaap (155), 21 hours ago

I would contact the developer of Oxygen for this.

by @SEBYAPAR (130), 5 hours ago

Thanks to you all guys. Yes indeed needs a pro Oxygen guru to handle this problem.

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