Does blog commenting help generate backlinks?

by @Nagagopal (120), 2 years ago

If it does, please tell me some effective ways for doing blog commenting.

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by @bomb (165), 2 years ago
  1. First, confirm the blog is at least DA 50+ with a low spam count.
  2. Before you post your link on another blog, ensure you follow the rules. Don't spam.
  3. Reddit is a good place to get quality backlinks, but you have to be an authority with many Karmas. Quora is also good. But you have to be an authority in what you are commenting about.

Instead of random blog commenting that may only give you loads of NF links, why not consider Guest posting. GP will give you quality Do Follow backlinks. I'd rather get 1 DF than 100 NF backlinks.

My 2 cents :-)

by @trustlogics (110), 2 years ago

Definitely blog commenting help in generating back links just you need to follow some rules.

  1. Check DA & PA and compare with your website
  2. Check previous comments is that blog giving do-follow or no-follow back links.
  3. Finally write appropriate comment to matching your niche and blog niche with links in it.
by @nityenprakash (150), 2 years ago

Blog commenting has been an SEO strategy since the first time anyone opened up comments on their site in the first place. ... Therefore, you can leave a blog comment with your link and have that linked indexed by Google, thus counting as a benefit to your SEO.

by @ms (3194), 2 years ago

Generate... well, maybe not generate, but most webmasters motivate users to leave comments giving them benefit of backlink to their site. The problem is, that "dofollow" link is not the same as nofollow link. So, while it's pretty good way to get target audience to your website, you should primarily aim for dofollow links.

That being said, nofollow links have their weight too, even unmarked urls (no anchor) are being recognized. Definitely needed in a healthy backlink profile.

by @hridoy00777 (105), 2 years ago

Blog comments are one of the easiest ways to make your blog interactive, to get backlinks on your website, and to drive traffic on your blog. An effective Blog commenting strategy will make your backlinks graph grow.

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