Continuous 301 redirecting is bad for seo?

by @seohobby (110), 3 years ago

About 2 months ago, I had 301 redirected from A domain to B domain, so most of rankings of A domain is changed to B domain’s rankings for about a half month. Of course, I used change of address tool in google search console. And, about a week ago, I wanted to change B domain to C domain, so I had 301 redirected B domain to C domain, and set change of address in google search console. Before that, I closed A domain site, and I broke change of address from A domain to B domain in google search console. I am now worried that the rankings of B domain will not be changed to ones of C domain. Google says that 301 redirect and change of address must be constrain at least for about 6 months, but I broke it after 2 months, and changed to another new domain. Can my C domain site get top rankings of previous domains again?

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