Can we Gain traffic with Off-Page by No-Follow Links?

by @AlinaJoseph (134), 1 year ago

which backlink is better for Off-Page SEO? Do-Follow or No-Follow ? and what is the work for both of them?

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by @jaap (1667), 1 year ago

A natural mix of both you need.

by @binayjha (4999), 1 year ago

When a website links an another website then the linking website passes the link juice to the linked website irrespective of whether a link is declared dofollow or nofollow.

If a link is declared dofollow then search engines jump to the linked webpage to crawl unlike in case of nofollow. In terms of SEO, crawling of a webpage and hence a website is beneficial. As many times such crawlings occur that much SEO gets benefited in terms of results.

In this way, dofollow links have an upper hand in delivering results. At the same time, do not ignore the power of nofollow links even.

by @Gamerseo (1330), 1 year ago

One more piece of information is the Nofollow attribute, it is only a recommendation and such a link can act as dofollow.

by @zarrahfelton (144), 1 year ago


by @maxliew (115), 1 year ago

Generally, Do-Follow backlinks are better for Off-Page SEO as they help to improve search engine rankings. No-Follow links don't pass on any link juice and are used to tell search engines not to follow a particular link. Both types of links can be useful in different contexts, but Do-Follow is the preferred choice for SEO.

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