Can speed of a website / load time impact on SEO of a website?

by @scottduncan101 (126), 3 years ago

Hi, I want to know can speed of a website / load time, impact in positive way for overall SEO of the website, and secondly do techniques like image compression, do actually help in speeding up the website, I read on an article about (link removed) that it does, can any one share their experience. thanks in advance.

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by @ms (3063), 3 years ago

Hi @scottduncan101 great to have you here. Welcome!

Just one thing, before I move on to your question.

And that's not just you. This is for everyone coming here for the first time. Please, do not post links in your first few posts.

If you want to show us your article, get some honest feedback on something, well, it's fine as long as you clearly state it's your work, you own the website, you are member of a team... back it up with your name.

If it's shame for you to admit it's yours, I am sure other members are not interested in it either. Not worth posting it - will be deleted, just like the links in the post above.

Site speed does matter to some extent

If your page loads in 10 seconds, it's bad. Google don't want to serve their users with slow sites. Because it's clearly bad user experience. However, there should not be any difference, if a page loads in 1.00 second or 1.85 seconds. Fastest != Best, so if your pages load in up to 1.5 - 2 seconds, you should be good...

by @digitalmarketingboy (-155), 3 years ago

Yes the speed of the website can have an impact on SEO. Thus it is important to reduce the page load time by optimizing JavaScript & CSS files, compressing HTML and optimizing images.

John Phil
by @John Phil (25), 1 year ago

Yes, Website speed can have an impact on your SEO results, as Google has stated that site speed is one of the factors while ranking pages on search engine results. Therefore, Pages that take longer to load tend to have higher bounce rates and the audience spent lower average time on the page.

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