Bounce Rate is going high

by @deepakpandey (118), 1 year ago


Suddenly, my organic traffic is increasing and the bounce rate is going high. Can anyone tell me the reason?

When its happened?


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by @ms (3521), 1 year ago

Without knowing the site we can't tell you the reason. Sorry.

by @binayjha (3800), 1 year ago

Broader match keywords might have started ranking which are lesser relevant to the content of your site. This might be making the bounce rate higher than usual.

You might have started noticing so by the last February or later than this.

To get rid of it, start working on keywords selection and their concise ranking. Good luck ahead!

by @SEO2025 (115), 1 year ago

Following can be reasons for Bounce Rate

1) Layout is not user friendly 2) Website is not loading properly 3) Website is not mobile friendly 4) Information is not relative in a website Please check all these mentioned points. As well please don't ignore the point covered by @binayjha . The keywords are also keen point to be checked and covered.

Ultimately what user is looking for, it should be there if they are your target audiance.

by @etdigitalmarketing (180), 1 year ago

Your bounce rate will probably increase since visitors won't know what to do next if your site is disorganized, has an excessive number of pointless photos, or contains other content pieces that offer more clutter than value. Choose a streamlined user experience instead to keep your visitors satisfied, informed, and continually converting. 1) Improve Your Content's quality 2) working on keywords selection 3) Keep Your Blog Fresh With the Right Content.

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