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by @Camila Saunders (135), 1 year ago

Hi, I have a question for all the members of this group. I have been trying to figure out Why Blogspot links are automatically generated for my website? If anyone has any clue then please let me know! Thanks

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by @Gamerseo (1330), 1 year ago

Could you give some example? Generally, if such links are of low quality, Google ignores them.

Camila Saunders
by @Camila Saunders (135), 1 year ago

Hi, But it is not about a single backlink or two. For example, I have a website

All the links that we create are organic but we are automatically getting Blogspot links generated for our website! Why is this happening? If you have any leads or solutions for this then please share them.

by @zarrahfelton (144), 1 year ago

If you hire someone doing Off-page optimization or link building, or within your team doing that blog commenting, or it is organic external maybe blog spot site author use your website as there reference.


I think, when you were creating backlinks for your site from the other websites, the other sites gives you links from their subdomain sites which many site owners created on Blogspot. In that case, your site gets many Blogspot backlinks.

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