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by @tbriandavis (112), 1 year ago

We run a SAAS subscription business. It's a church management software. Churches use our software to manage their people, groups, online giving, etc. Within their church account, they can get a unique link to embed on their church website where people can give a financial contribution. That link is a "sub-domain" link. For example: app.website.com/yourchurchname I am trying to determine if we are getting SEO help to our main website when somebody embeds that subdomain link on their church website or if we need to be doing this differently to capture all these free backlinks. Thanks for your help!

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by @ms (2286), 1 year ago

Subdomain backlinks should count as links, however, they will have much lower value as they are biased in a way. That being said, it's atill a link, as subdomain content is considered autonomous website in the online space. But if Google ranks backlinks differently by IPs and distances, it's technically much easier to see obvious bias between subdomains and therefore the link from subdomain will be of lower value. Still, if each subdomain is ranked individually, such links could possibly bring some aggregated value.

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