Appraise my domain name

by @Soviet (128), 3 years ago

Hello, can you please appraise my domain name Soviet .me

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by @ms (3053), 3 years ago

Not ideal extension for resale. Anyway, if there was someone looking to get this particular domain, I believe anything from reg. fee to $500 would be possible. But honestly, there are so many options to go after, that your odds of selling this name are slim to none.

by @Soviet (128), 3 years ago

@ms Thanks

and can you please appraise this one, it's even older than Google.

civex .com reg 1997-04-16 exp 2025-04-17

by @ms (3053), 3 years ago

I can see some search results for "civex" on Google, nothing fancy though.

According to Namebio, has been sold for $3,850 in 2010 on Sedo, and than again in January 2018 for $125 (which is probably what you have paid for it). Seems solid, and I wouldn't be surprised to see it going for around $5k if right person knocks on your door. Who knows. The thing about appraising domain names is, that it's just a speculation. Real value will be negotiated between buyer and seller.

by @kaaya149 (68), 7 months ago

Thanks for sharing this information

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