Any advise? SEO not working right

by @Brandon (157), 2 years ago

Hello everyone. Got input?

Any input would be very useful.

I previously used to build websites all of the time for my friends and even do fairly ok SEO.

But now I've run into a strange phenomenon that I hope someone can help me with. While in the past I've used html edited templates parked on a server, and other times freebie sites; this time I used for their free website service.

I also have bought my domain through for the first time which points to the Strikingly site.

I'm wondering if one of these two changes may have made the following difference.

Anyhow, here is the problem, unlike any other site I have ever built, google strangely does not treat it normally.


So here's the problem. When I type the domain into google, it divides the domain into separated words and thus does not show my site.

Example: I type but google changes it to "jesus dramatized com" and thus gives very different results without any of my info. The only way I find anything is if I use quotations around the domain which a random searcher is not going to do. I also notice that

I know SEO is evolving over the years and maybe I'm falling behind, but I'm trying to figure it out. My only guess is maybe it's related to the fact I'm using a different server and different domain service.

Many years ago this would not effect me as people used to simply type in the website you gave them into the address bar of their browser. But no days every one uses smart phones and does not even type in the domain manually anymore. So if people simply google the domain I give them they will not find anything.

Anyone have any advise? Thanks again.

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by @Gamerseo (1330), 2 years ago

you chose the name of the website a bit wrong, hence the problems.

by @kelly21 (12), 2 years ago

I have same issue.

by @Brandon (157), 2 years ago

Thanks guys! Dear Gamerseo, would you be so kind to show what you mean by that?

When you say that the name influenced this, do you mean the name of the original strikingly domain that it points to? This one?

Or are you referring to the main domain that points there?


I see no one else using the name jesusdramatized anywhere online other than me. It's authentic but I've also used it on many sites as usernames and such.

Please explain what you mean as I'm not sure how you mean. Thanks again.

by @Brandon (157), 2 years ago

As you can see when I google or even google shows it first. But does not. It's so weird. Do you think it has something to do with the domain registrar or possibly?

by @ms (4012), 2 years ago

I don't see a reason, why would someone type-in domain into Google.

Anyway, I just did, and the domain is #1 result (http:// though)

by @Brandon (157), 2 years ago

Hi MS, the reason someone would type this into google is that when one does a voice search from their smartphone app, it commonly chooses to google it instead of going to the domain directly. And half of the searches today are done from smart phones. I have only tested via android, iphone might work differently.

Interesting that you say it's the number #1 result. Are we talking about the same domain?


Not showing as number #1 result on my side. Interesting. I wonder if you are referring to the other one I mentioned?

by @ms (4012), 2 years ago

Yes, it is #1

Number 1 result in Google for me is
by @Brandon (157), 2 years ago

Thank you so much for trying to help MS.

Very strange that google is giving you different results. As I am the creator I was afraid google might use data profiling to show altered results when searching vs what others see.

I would how you a screenshot if that was an option here:

I am looking it up with a browser with cleared cookies and browsing incognito as to avoid customized search results versus normal public results. However on this side Google google is placing me a few listings down after a number of other listings that simply using the words "Dramatized". Should not in theory give you different results.

Example, I open either chrome or firefox in incognito. Then I search via google any of the following and do not get listed in the first few results:

"jesusdramatized", "", "",

and any other similar ways of searching too.

Seems like Yahoo doesn't do this, but google definitely is doing this on my side. also seems to be working correctly. Yet most searches come from google so I was trying to see what I could do.

I'm seeing the first three results as a Youtube result by wmforce, entitled "The Birth". In fact the words "Jesus Dramatized"or any form of it do not show up on the entire first page of google on my side. Very strange.

As a side note: I was thinking if anyone has had this problem from domains. I'm thinking it's related to them. If not maybe related to as this is the first time I've hosted with them.

Anyhow thanks for the effort

by @Brandon (157), 2 years ago

I just checked on a friend's two computers and got the same problem with Google. Opening up a phone emulator right now to see what it's doing on phones.

One comfort is that I just did a search in a Android Emulator for '' and saw that androids automatically do a url entry. I don't have a iphone to test with them. But I'm assuming it might be the same. So this might only affect computers. I am doing most things by a Windows computer so I fail to see the big picture sometimes.

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