All in one tag generator, research, and GPT generator

by @me (117), 1 week ago

Hello! I am Joshua and I am looking for some help testing and spreading the word about the epic FREE software I made.

Here are the main features:

Multi-language support: works with all languages that transliterate using the lettering A-Z and numbering 0-9

Generate Tags: Access lists of tags generated by 7 different APIs that are related to your search topic instantly. These tags are naturally designed for discoverability. Select and unselect tags easily to create custom tag lists! Tags are also used the AI ChatGPT tools at the bottom of every report to tailor the response to your liking.

Select All or Customize: As mentioned above, tailor your tag selection to match your content focus and audience interests. Choose from the entire list or handpick tags that resonate most with your target audience.

Tag Cloud Generator: Visualize your selected tags in a dynamic tag cloud format for easy implementation and tracking. Monitor tag popularity and adjust your strategy accordingly. Copy as Tags or Hashtags: Seamlessly transfer your selected tags into hashtags with a single click. Simplify your social media posting process by incorporating these hashtags into your captions and posts.

Filter by source: Suppose you only want to see Amazon product tags or only tags that are relevant for YouTube. You can easily do so by clicking a filter button of your choosing.

Tag Research and Selector: Dive deeper into tag research with our advanced selector tool. Explore tag sources from platforms like Amazon, Bing, Google, and YouTube to refine your tagging strategy further.

Sample Videos: Gain inspiration from a curated selection of sample videos related to your topic that you can watch on site. Explore highlights, shorts, and other popular, recent content. Select and unselect titles to feed to the AI.

ChatGPT Prompt Generators: Access a suite of AI-powered prompt generators tailored to optimize your content creation process. Generate blog posts, video scripts, viral titles, and more to enhance your content strategy.

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by @me (117), 2 days ago

I posted v3 this week. The main change was rather than submitting the form to search to g.php and then redirecting to report.php (had indexing issues)... Now it just spawns all reports at video.php. Also I made the filter buttons near the tag box for instant changing between search engine sources. (See image)

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