All 404 Pages 301 Redirect To Similar Pages are good or not?

by @rcool742 (127), 3 months ago


We have a job portal. More than 5000+ new jobs posted and almost same remove

When a job remove from our website then we do not show 404 error. We simply 301 redirect to similar job url, many times new job page created with this 301 reidrect

My question is

More than 2000 jobs every day remove then every job 301 redirect to another pages, so there are 2000+ 301 redirect every day, it means everymonth 60000 301 redirect happen

Is it good for on page seo?

What we should do when job remove ? Should we simply display 404 Page not found error or what we should do for Good on page SEO

Please suggest

Regards Gaurav

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by @ms (3182), 3 months ago

Hey Gaurav, leveraging your traffic is always very good idea, and your case is good example of that.

However, as a user, I'd like to know that the page I am landing on is not the page I was intended to visit - something like:

The job offer you are looking for has been removed, but we have plenty of similar job offers active right now

showing the list of active offers based on the non-active offer.

This approach would use the traffic to expired offers while giving your visitor chance to choose from various offers.

by @rcool742 (127), 3 months ago

i am talking in case of on page seo. if 10K+ 301 every day is good or not

by @ms (3182), 3 months ago

You should really care what happens to those visits after the redirect. If they drop out immediately, there is no benefit to SEO in general. Imagine someone hitting your page in SERP, being 301ed to irrelevant offer, navigating back to search... it's obvious pogo sticking which is bad signal.

10K+ 301s a day in absolute numbers is irrelevant - depends on number of indexed pages and how much of that number it is. Even at 10k it could still be a fraction.

by @searchonic_mit (130), 2 months ago

According to my opinion, redirection of all 404 pages on to similar pages is an bad idea. The reason is that lets suppose many jobs are posted and deleted in a day. And we can't add plenty of redirection in a website.

by @ms (3182), 2 months ago

Hard 404 is like a hole. Something that was supposed to be there and it's missing. Regardless of Search Engines, it's bad user experience.

You don't have to match the deleted job with another one. Even redirecting user to the same category (or whatever soft 404 with hint) is much more beneficial than hard 404.

If you don't utilize these redirects, it's not a SEO issue primarily. You're missing out on relevant traffic though.

by @binayjha (2549), 2 months ago
  • Too many redirects are harmful to SEO. Too many redirects make server slower.
  • The inactive job posting pages should not be deleted. Keep the pages with a status like, "Not accepting applications anymore".
  • Show relevant active jobs on the inactive job pages to minimize the bounce rate.

Hope the above might help you.

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